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Pro Se litigants hire an attorney when in Superior Court or Circuit Court

Can you imagine being able to analyze your own legal case and take it through the legal system on your own – or at least have enough of an understanding of your case to intelligently partner with a lawyer?  That’s what this website is about. It all starts with Lawsuit Analyzer©, a one-of-a-kind legal operating system featured on Good Morning America, CNBC, CBN and recommended by the American Arbitration Association

Lawsuit Analyzer©  is a powerful interactive program that takes your dispute through the elements of legal liability assigning a point system to determine feasibility.  It has been coined a streamlined course in legal charting because its explorative queries define your case in legal terms, identify the legal options available and assess case viability.

Not only does this site and  Lawsuit Analyzer©  address legalities, the following essential elements are analyzed to provide an holistic overview of your dispute:  

  • Contractual features (based on any contracts entered into),
  • Collectability (based on research of your adversary’s assets),
  • The pros and cons of the forum your dispute will be heard in.

Alternative Dispute Resolution and other modern approaches to dispute resolution are examined and recipes for these private platforms are presented so you can move your dispute from the antiquated public court system to your own custom-made private forum where disputes are resolved in a streamlined, technology-based sector. 

With our approach, your legal matter is more of a bump along the road instead of a stressful, expensive, disempowering quagmire (which we refer to as the House of Horrors) that disrupts your life for years.