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Pro Se litigants hire an attorney when in Superior Court or Circuit Court


The motivation for this site is to help folks navigate through the American civil legal system. The content, including the Lawsuit Analyzer© app, was created by an attorney who has been through the many rigors of legal commotion, as a mediator, arbitrator, litigator, author, and consultant.

The desire is to bring all people who face the challenge of the man on our home page with a big headache asking, “Should I sue?” to find the answer in our pages and take the action required in an empowered manner.  See more on our About page.


  • Start with Lawsuit Analyzer©. It will take you through a quasi-legal evaluation to help you assess your dispute and understand the forum options for its resolution. See the instruction below for How to Use Lawsuit Analyzer© for more info.
  • There are 15 Resource Pages. Spin your way through them as they present a mini-law course and a full array of options for your dispute.
  • If you need more on any topic, click on the ‘You Might Be Interested in’ link at the bottom of the Resource pages or browse our Store for more in-depth information on these subjects.
  • Be sure to check out the other internet sources we’ve researched for you at the bottom of the Resource Pages but remember to bookmark our site so you don’t get lost in internet overload.
  • Spend time on the Legal Self Help page. Whether you are planning to self-represent or hire an attorney, you need to understand the options available for your case.
  • Don’t feel disempowered. On this site you’ve got everything necessary to guide you to resolution. That may mean going to Small Claims Court, maneuvering your dispute into Alternative Dispute Resolution, settling before filing a lawsuit, hiring an attorney to consult with or represent you, going the long haul through the upper civil court which we refer to as the House of Horrors, or just walking away.
  • We do not provide legal advice. We’re here just to help you find your own way.


  • Print these instructions.
  • There is no time limit, so take your time.
  • If on your smart phone, click Hide Steps to Hide the program phases to see the questions.
  • You must answer each question to move ahead to the next.
  • Click on the Help Button on each page for in-depth information to assist you. Each Help page opens in the same browser tab, so you return to the program using your browser back button or the Go Back button at the bottom of each Help Page.
  • Click the up or down arrow in the lower right corner to move back and forth. Any changes will immediately update the program.
  • You can also use the Navigation Bar on the left to move back and forth through phases AFTER you have completed that phase.
  • If you don’t like your dispute outcome in Phase 5-7, go back and revise your answers in Phase 1-4, then click on the subsequent phases to see how your results were impacted.
  • You can continue this back and forth process until the last slide when you enter your email address and click Go To, at which time the program will end and your results will be emailed to you.
  • When you complete the program, you will be directed to the page for the forum indicated for your dispute which will guide you through the steps ahead. Be sure to also take the steps outlined in your dispute results emailed to you.
  • Please note that you received TWO links to the program, so there are many ways to re-analyze your dispute.


Aside from the information on our site, we’ve spent considerable time compiling other resources available at the bottom of each Resource page so you can have even more reliable data at your fingertips if needed.


Lawsuit Analyzer© was called the Pocket Lawyer Analyzer© when it first swept the country and obtained rave reviews.  The creator then suffered an injury and has since recovered, reviving Pocket Lawyer Analyzer© as Lawsuit Analyzer©.


We do not give refunds as our products are digital and received in proper form immediately.