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Lawsuit Analysis / Glossary

General Damages

General damages, such as pain and suffering and punitive damages, are not specific or easily calculated. Actual damages are more concrete and easily calculated.

Demand Letter

A formal letter sent before suing someone demanding payment by a date certain, describing how you arrived at your numbers and advising that if payment is not received, a lawsuit will be filed.  The letter should be coupled with an Alternative Dispute Resolution Agreement if there is not already one.

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Lawsuit Analyzer©

Lawsuit Analyzer©  is the legal feasibility system featured on this site consisting of 7 phases: Legal Evaluation, Damages Assessment, Legal Options Assessment, Collectability Assessment, Comprehensive Case Analysis, Feasibility Assessment, and Forum Assessment.


Binding Arbitration

Binding arbitration is an out-of-court procedure for resolving disputes in which a specially trained lawyer officiates the hearing which is like a trial in some ways but proceeds expeditiously, with less formality and expense.  It is referred to as binding arbitration as the award is binding and has the same effect as a court judgment.

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