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Lawsuit Analysis / Small Claims Court Limits

Small Claims Court Limits

State Dollar Limit
Alabama $6,000
Alaska $10,000
Arizona $3,500
Arkansas $5,000
California $10,000 for individuals, except that a plaintiff may not file a claim over $2,500 more than twice a year. Limit for local public entity or for businesses is $5,000. $6,500 is the limit in suits by an individual against a guarantor that charges for its guarantor or surety services. Until February 1, 2025, court may hear claims for COVID-related rental debt of any amount (limit of two filings per year does not apply to such actions).
Colorado $7,500
Connecticut $5,000 (except in landlord-tenant security deposit claims).
Delaware $25,000
District of Columbia $10,000
Florida $8,000
Georgia $15,000 (no limit in eviction cases).
Hawaii $5,000; no limit on landlord-tenant residential security deposit cases. For the return of leased or rented personal property, the property must not be worth more than $5,000.
Idaho $5,000
Illinois $10,000
Indiana $10,000 (Marion County might have a different limit)
Iowa $6,500
Kansas $4,000
Kentucky $2,500
Louisiana $5,000
Maine $6,000
Maryland $5,000
Massachusetts $7,000; no limit for property damage caused by a motor vehicle.
Michigan $6,500
Minnesota $15,000 ($4,000 for claims involving consumer credit transactions)
Mississippi $3,500
Missouri $5,000
Montana $7,000
Nebraska $3,900 from July 1, 2020 through June 30, 2025 (adjusted every five years based on the Consumer Price Index)
Nevada $10,000
New Hampshire $10,000
New Jersey $5,000
New Mexico $10,000
New York $10,000 in New York City; $5,000 in Nassau County, Western Suffolk County, and City Courts (excluding NYC); $3,000 in Eastern Suffolk County, Town Courts, and Village Courts.
North Carolina Varies from $5,000 to $10,000. Call clerk of court in your county to find out limit.
North Dakota $15,000
Ohio $6,000
Oklahoma $10,000
Oregon $10,000
Pennsylvania $12,000
Rhode Island $5,000
South Carolina $7,500
South Dakota $12,000
Tennessee $25,000; no limit in eviction suits or suits to recover personal property
Texas $20,000
Utah $11,000
Vermont $5,000
Virginia $5,000
Washington $10,000 if brought by natural person; $5,000 all other cases
West Virginia $10,000
Wisconsin $10,000; no limit in eviction suits
Wyoming $6,000