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How it Works

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The Lawsuit Analyzer is a one-of-a-kind app designed to help consumers and business owners resolve a potential legal matter, with or without an attorney.

Through a series of 32 questions and a unique algorithm, the Lawsuit Analyzer evaluates a potential case. It processes the information entered by the user to determine case feasibility,  potential damages, the likelihood of collecting, and the forum for the dispute.  Armed with the multitude of resources on this site laypersons are finally able to assess and maneuver their legal disputes with confidence.

 Following are instructions for its use:

  1. Click on the Lawsuit Analyzer© Resource page. Watch the introductory video (two minutes).
  2. Answer 32 questions in less than an hour with the assistance of an in-depth help center.
  3. Learn exactly where to resolve the dispute: Mediation, Arbitration, Small Claims Court, Upper Civil Court.
  4. Review detailed case analysis and personalized recommendations.

Access Lawsuit Analyzer© here  FREE using the code media  [it will be priced at $49].


For more information, contact:

Janet Falk, Publicist

212/677-5770   347/256-9141

[email protected]

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