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How it Works

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Step 1.  Complete Lawsuit Analyzer©

  • Don’t click on links yet.  Read through this page [print by clicking here] entirely to give you an overview, then pan back up and click on links. 
  • Click on Go to Lawsuit Analyzer© at the bottom of each page.
  • You will be taken to the Lawsuit Analyzer© Resource page
  • Read it throughly and watch the recommended video then click on Start Lawsuit Analyzer . The video opens in a new tab so you can refer to it as you work through Lawsuit Analyzer
  • Our app is currently free with a coupon of “media”
  • Answer 32 questions with the assistance of an in-depth help center
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Step 2.  Get your Lawsuit Analyzer© results

  • Review your results which appear when you finish the app and are also emailed to you
  • Find out if your case is feasible and its feasibility percentage
  • Discover your economic damages and how much you can expect to collect
  • Learn how much you will net after deductions for various factors
  • Understand your chances of collecting from your adversary
  • now exactly where to resolve your dispute
  • Implement the personalized recommendations that accompany your results
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Step 3.  Review Resources

  • Lawsuit Analyzer takes you to the forum for your case
  • Read all the Resource information about that forum
  • Review the Resource pages,  Coaches, and Forms that apply to your dispute
  • Read relevant posts on our blog and videos
  • Watch videos in our playlist How it Works to learn more how to get the most out of this website
  • Use the Search box on Resource pages to find more info
  • Use the Glossary to define words; underlined words are Glossary terms, click on them
  • Click on the third-party resources at the bottom of Resource pages
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Step 4.  Take Action

  • File for mediation and/or arbitration
  • File a small claims action
  • File an upper civil court action
  • Settle with your adversary
  • Retain an attorney if you want to consult or partner. Read our Hiring an Attorney Coach for the best hiring experience.
  • Or simply Walk Away

Step 5.  Be Empowered

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Important to know

  • Clicking on top Menu GLOSSARY or underlined words takes you to the glossary
  • On a computer, use the Search bar at the top of pages to find answers
  • The back button takes you back to where you were
  • It is best to read the RESOURCES pages before taking Lawsuit Analyzer©