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Legal Aid in an App

by | Aug 14, 2023 | Legal Self Help | 0 comments

automated online negotiation can end up in settlement
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Lawsuit Analyzer© is the first ever case evaluation system for pro per litigants that uses a point method and includes the essential components of legal evaluation and feasibility analysis.  It’s like having your own legal aid or free legal advice.

Types of Disputes Lawsuit Analyzer© Adressess

Lawsuit Analyzer© addresses civil disputes between people/businesses seeking money as compensation (not including family law, probate, bankruptcy, traffic, and criminal law).


Lawsuit Analyzer© is a powerful application that helps you assess – and direct – your own potential legal problem. Its purpose is to take your legal issue, demystify it and turn it into a manageable legal matter you can direct through the civil courts, resolve through Alternative Dispute Resolution  (ADR), decide if you should hire an attorney to handle your case, or forget it and walk away.

We call this system Lawsuit Analyzer© because it analyzes your dispute in a global manner, addressing multiple facets that should be considered when deciding to sue someone. Created by practicing attorneys, Lawsuit Analyzer© and its extensive help files is a streamlined course in legal charting.

3d man looking at bulletin board planning case

We call this legal charting because its 32 questions define your case in legal terms and identify the legal options available to you. By analyzing your dispute from many different vantage points, you will have the foresight to control the predictable elements. You will be able to answer these questions:

  • What are the issues?
  • Whose fault is it?
  • What is your case worth?
  • Will you be able to collect on your judgment?
  • Will you be able to get your attorneys fees back?
  • Will you have to travel the superior court system, or can you detour to Small Claims Court, Mediation or Binding Arbitration?

These many vantage points cause you to reflect on your dispute and tailor a plan to control the consequences that may result.

 A Chart for Your Legal Course

Lawsuit Analyzer© provides you with guidelines to chart your own legal course. Think of it as your own legal aid. It puts legal answers within your reach in a simple, handy way. You may still choose to consult with an attorney after you’ve charted your way through Lawsuit Analyzer© , but your consultation will be far more meaningful after you’ve completed your own charting.

To simplify Lawsuit Analyzer© we included just enough information for you to realistically evaluate your case’s feasibility and navigate it through the many available options. That direction may be through Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) or through the civil courts. With Lawsuit Analyzer©, you will gain the confidence that once came only through hiring an attorney. It’s like almost having an attorney in your computer.

evaluation of the merits of your dispute

Define the Issues and Save More Money

Lawsuit Analyzer© serves another mindful purpose: Preparation. In your trip through the app, you’ll spend time defining the issues surrounding your dispute with the aid of our extensive Help Section which includes an abundance of information, not too much, not too little, just right.

This is not only valuable if you become a pro se litigant, but also in hiring a mediator, an arbitrator, or an attorney. Time is money, and you will be prepared to describe the important issues of your dispute briefly and accurately. You will also be able to make informed decisions on how your valuable time and money is spent.

Put a Dollar Value on Your Case

Lawsuit Analyzer© serves another valuable function. It values your case in terms of dollars. People are often way out of the realistic ballpark when it comes to case value. They remember Perry Mason’s courtroom shenanigans where anything was possible. That was high drama, not high court.

Unless your opponent’s conduct was close to criminal, your legal damages amount to what you’ve lost. It’s as easy as that. Lawsuit Analyzer© guides you to a realistic valuation of your case in dollars, and how much you will net after trial or Arbitration – after deducting the costs it took to get there.

Value: Gross, Recoverable & Net Damages | Settlement Value

Values are important, but are often challenging for feuding parties to establish. Lawsuit Analyzer© quantifies these elusive numbers by establishing Gross, Recoverable and Net Damages, along with settlement value.

Lawsuit Types for Money Damages

Collectability: A Key to your Case

What value is a judgment to you if you have little chance of collecting on it? Why pour your precious time and money into obtaining a judgment when you may never receive the money it orders? This important step is often skipped when an attorney analyzes the legal components of your case, yet this analysis may be the most important of all. Your case may be a real winner, but you’ll be a loser if you can’t collect on your judgment.

Based on the research of your adversary’s assets, which you are prompted to perform, Lawsuit Analyzer© assesses your likelihood of collecting. This is another valuable feasibility component you get from Lawsuit Analyzer© .

Attorney Fees: How Much Will You Spend?

How much will you spend in Attorney Fees if you hire a lawyer and how much you will you get back? Lawsuit Analyzer© estimates how much of your judgment you’ll give up to Attorney Fees. This, too, is an important factor which should be considered before suing someone. Can you afford these fees? Will your potential recovery warrant this expenditure? Do you have an Attorney Fee Provision so you can recoup the fees paid?

Your Contract Options

Another essential feature of Lawsuit Analyzer© is an assessment of your contract-based legal options. Do you have a Mediation Agreement, an Arbitration Agreement, or an Attorney Fees clause? One of these provisions gives your case better feasibility; all three make your case far more feasible. Why does it matter? If you don’t have an Arbitration provision and the Small Claims Court is not your Forum, you must travel the court maze to get your dispute resolved.

If you must pursue your case in the very complex Superior  Civil Court system (aka The House of Horrors), any return dwindles as legal fees increase – because you will likely hire a lawyer to keep the wolves at bay. If you do and you are not entitled to an award of your Attorney Fees (this must be in the contract signed by all parties), your case feasibility is reduced, along with your net case valuation. Clearly, these factors affect the feasibility of your case.

Lawsuit Analyzer© evaluates these important aspects that directly affect your potential net recovery and whether it makes sense to pursue your dispute at all.

Analyzing a case is essential.  Evaluate important aspects that directly affect your potential net recovery... Does it makes sense to pursue your dispute

An Economic Answer

Why, you might ask, could I possibly need Lawsuit Analyzer©, when my own attorney is just a phone call away? The answer is simple. This is YOUR dispute. You need to cover your back. You need to understand its feasibility. You need an analysis by a completely objective computer program that was built to evaluate legal disputes.

A Wise Strategy

How many of us bolt to an attorney at the first hint of a legal problem? Wait a minute! There are steps you can take before, or instead of, hiring an attorney. The court system is attorney territory, and rightly so. But the steps you choose to take may sometimes lead you away from the House of Horrors toward Small Claims Court or Mediation and Binding Arbitration – territory now available to you, the legal consumer. How do you choose these steps? By working through Lawsuit Analyzer© which directs you to the appropriate Forum for your dispute.

Your Chance to Solve Your Problem

Consider these questions: Who best knows the circumstances of your problem? What caused it? Who are the parties? What dynamics are in play? And what will it take to solve it? Indeed, you know the answers. But there is another set of answers to some of these questions. These are the expensive legal answers an attorney gives you – many of which you can now obtain with Lawsuit Analyzer©, the modern route to Legal Aid.

If you obtain these answers with Lawsuit Analyzer© , the expensive, time- consuming set of attorney’s answers may not be necessary or at least may be abbreviated. At any point, you can recite your entire problem to an attorney, for billable time. But first, give yourself the opportunity to create a solution that avoids or at least cuts down on costly attorneys and lawsuits.

Stop and learn more and avoid negative results before you sue

Avoiding Negative Results

Over the course of long careers, we have watched clients achieve a wide spectrum of results from the civil courts. By use of Lawsuit Analyzer©, we are hopeful that you will avoid these adverse results we’ve observed too often:

  •  Many spent vast amounts of time and money chasing after a righteous justice only to find out that justice is never clear cut. It is undefined and elusive.
  •  Some discovered that their reasoning was correct, but the court or jury did not see it the way they did.
  •  Others found they were correct, but it took too much of a toll emotionally or financially to prove their point within the legal system.
  •  Some got a judgment but there were no assets to collect upon.
  •  Still others collected on a judgment, but they were out-of- pocket for their attorney fees and case costs.
  •  Others collected and financially gained, but the emotional drain was not worth it.
  • Embroiled in the adversity of the court system for too long, some completely lost track of what their dispute was all about. They were just fighting.

Most of these results can be foreseen and avoided by adequately and realistically analyzing your case to begin with, before you sue someone. The purpose of Lawsuit Analyzer© is to provide you with a way to control the predictable elements of your dispute, and to make sound case decisions based on legal analysis and feasibility.

2 people shaking hands on law suit settlement using the Lawsuit Analysis settlement agreement


Lawsuit Analyzer© targets a variety of elements surrounding your dispute so you can make these very important determinations now, before spending your bankroll or dedicating vast chunks of your valuable time. To provide you with the criteria you need to make these very important decisions, Lawsuit Analyzer© yields the following results:

  • The likelihood of prevailing in your dispute
  • The gross value of your case
  • The net value of your case
  • The settlement value of your case
  • Legal options evaluation
  • Collectability likelihood
  • Feasibility Assessment

Seven Phase Analysis

To answer these important questions, Lawsuit Analyzer© performs a critical seven-phase analysis:

Phase 1, Legal Evaluation: Assesses your likelihood of winning based on the legal issues

Phase 2, Damages Assessment: Assesses the value of your case and your realistic recovery

Phase 3, Legal Options Assessment: Evaluates your case based on the contract options available for your dispute: whether you have an attorney fee reimbursement right and whether Small Claims, Mediation or Binding Arbitration will be your Forum

Phase 4, Collectability Assessment: Analyzes your chance of collecting on any judgment you receive based on your adversary’s financial profile

Phase 5, Comprehensive Case Analysis: Quantifies your case value and settlement value, based on your Gross, Recoverable and Net damages, and assigns a case feasibility rating.

Phase 6, Feasibility Assessment: Takes your feasibility rating and recommends detailed steps based on your score.

Phase 7, Forum Assessment: Assigns the Forum you will enter Mediation, Arbitration, Small Claims, or the Upper Civil Courts

* * * * * * *

Your Phase 5, Comprehensive Case Analysis

Comprehensive Case Analysis, provides you with the following analysis of your dispute:

Phase 5, Comprehensive Case Analysis: Case value and settlement value.. assigns a case feasibility rating.Your Phase 7, Forum Assessment

Forum Assessment, directs you to the appropriate Forum for your dispute and to our resources that will guide you through that forum.


Phase 7 results Mediation followed by Upper Civil Court



If You Are a Plaintiff

Your Lawsuit Analyzer© session is best conducted in a quiet and secluded place. If you have a written contract, have it at your side. If your contract is oral, write down what you recall as your agreement. If you have no contract, you will be prompted to a response that fits your situation. If your dispute is against more than one-person, complete Lawsuit Analyzer© collectively regarding all persons you feel caused your damage.

If You Are a Defendant

If a Claim has been filed against you, or threatens to be filed, work Lawsuit Analyzer© as if you are the person making the Claim against you.

After you Complete Lawsuit Analyzer©

If you’ve decided to move ahead with your dispute, take the important pre-litigation steps described at Where & When to File Your Lawsuit.

Lawsuit Analysis is your Legal Self Help Resource where you come to analyze your legal dispute with Lawsuit Analyzer© , a legal operating system featured on Good Morning America, CNBC, CBN and recommended by the American Arbitration Association, then are guided to the appropriate forum to resolve your dispute and the steps to take.